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Let’s Play the DrumBEAT and Find Your HeartBEAT!

OneDRUM 2011

Let’s Play the drum!

Hello and Welcome!  I am a Drum Circle Facilitator and even more than that I am a Father, a Brother, a Son, a Friend.  And yet still more: I am an Infinite Soul on a Journey.   As a facilitator I have often been stunned by the beauty of the faces that come to me at the end of a Drum/Rhythm Circle event with looks of pure joy, gratitude, satisfaction and wonder at what truly amazing music they’ve just co-created.  And I can see on their faces that they’ve been on a Journey also.  And the magical element is that it was a journey of their own creation.

What power!  To come to a place of using the love, passion and energy held tightly within their own body and simply through “spanking that drum” (as one of my most precious and long-time Elder Drummer says) turn it into a journey of discovery, healing and FUN!

In this blog, my intention is to explore the intersection and interaction of my personal journey towards that “Still Point of Love” with the beauty of drumming and connecting in Community, Wellness and Love.

If you should find this blog interesting, please join me in sharing your own thoughts, ideas and Journeys.

Be Well!